What happens once I purchase a Data Studio template?

Once you have decided on a Template and completed the purchase, you will receive three emails.

  1. The first email confirms that you have created an account with Data Studio Templates.
  2. The second email confirms that your Data Studio template order has been received.
  3. The third email is an Invitation to Edit – We manually send this email due to the nature of sharing templates in Google Data Studio.

The invitation to Edit email gives you a link to ‘Open’ your template.

How do I add a Data Studio template to my Data Studio account?

When you click ‘Open’ in your ‘Invitation to Edit’ email, you will be taken directly to the report template.

If you then click the Data Studio icon in the top left corner of the report’s Edit screen, you will be taken to your list of Data Sources.

You can then edit this report directly, or you can make multiple copies of it to edit as you wish.

How do I link the Data Studio template to my own data?

Once you’ve purchased a Data Studio template, you will be sent an email giving you access to the report.

You then have two options for connecting your own data to the report.

The first option is generally to use the Data Source Connector to choose your own data. For example, if it is a Google Analytics connector you can simply choose your website from the list presented, as shown below.

The second option is to make a copy of the Data Studio report template you have purchased.

It is advisable to make a copy of the report, so that if you make unsuccessful changes to the report you always have the default template to fall back on.

If you make a copy of the report, you will then be presented with the option of choosing what data you would like to connect to the Report, as seen below.

What happens if I use the wrong Google account when I purchase a Data Studio template?

If you use the wrong Google account when purchasing a Google Data Studio template, it won’t be a problem.

For example, let’s say use are intending to purchase the template for your work Google account but accidentally use your home Google account.

You can simply login into Data Studio using your home account and share the report with your work account.

Click on “Share this report”

You then share the link via email or share the link with your work account. You can then log into your work account and you will be able to access and edit the report.

We would recommend making a copy of the report template that is then owned by your work account.

Why should I purchase a template when I could just make my own?

Data Studio is available for everyone and depending on what you want to do is intuitive enough for most people to be able to build their own templates and dashboards.  However, it takes time. There are a number of steps in building a dashboard. From gathering the data and connecting your data source, asking the right questions, building graphs and tables to help answer those questions and making it all come together in a visually attractive way.  This can take hours and sometimes days. We’re offering low cost templates that can save you hours. These templates work out of the box or you can use them as a starting point to customize your own dashboard. In our opinion its a super time saver and a no-brainer.

My report has broken when copying over the template I've purchased?

In this instance, please contact us using out contact us form. Please state the report you have bought as reference.