Business Performance Dashboard



This white label Google Data Studio report is design to be the the one report that references overall business performance. This report contains information on sales, traffic, conversion as well as product conversion to show how overall performance is changing. This report looks at yesterday’s performance, week to date, month to date and year to date – with comparisons. This report is ideal for any business and is perfect for stakeholders who want automated reports in their mailboxes at 8am before the working day giving them a ‘one pager’ on performance.

Connections: Google Analytics

Set up Difficulty: Easy

E-commerce Tracking: Yes

Goal Tracking: No

Who is it for?: Designed for business managers to understand their general business performance with focus on both conversion and transnational behaviour.

How Does It Work After I Buy The Report Template? Once you have bought the report, within a couple of hours we will send you your very own report to the email address placed with the order. From then you’ll be able to create a copy of the report and replace the data source with your own.