Shopify Sales Dashboard



This is a template for all shopify store owners and professionals who work with a shopify site. This report makes access to information and understanding data really easy. By utilising Supermetrics’s powerful technology we’ve been able to extract the data from shopify and visualise the information in Google Data Studio. There’s no more messing about with multiple excel files, it’s now all here in one place for you.

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Connections: Shopify via Supermetrics

Super Metrics Connection Required?: Yes

Who is it for?: Business stake holders wanting a daily view of Sales generated through their website.

How Does It Work After I Buy The Report Template? Once you have bought the report, within a couple of hours we will send you your very own report to the email address placed with the order. From then you’ll be able to create a copy of the report and replace the data source with your own.